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Alex is certified in the Power of Action method.
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Power of Action is the best selling book in brazil and it has impacted 1.8 million people already. Synapse has taken this well established program and customised it for European audience. It has changed people’s lives for more than 10 years now.

Join Synapse’s Power of Action to transform into a better you. There is an abundant and extraordinary life here, right next to us, and a door, a passage with a specific key that will take you there.


Next Session Starts on the 26th of October at 1pm

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Benefits of our Program

Stop living a life that feels like a burden. Change can only happen if you act on it. Power of Action will help you get into the mindset, habits and beliefs that supports you on a path to success.

Start by creating the life of your dreams

To create the life you have always dreamed of you need one thing.
You need to break the cycle of limiting your self-beliefs, mental models that are stoping you from acting on building the life that you deserve.

Become a better version of yourself

Have you ever felt that you have so much potential inside you. But unable to reach down and transform who you are? Well it all starts with this program. Stop living a dull, monotonous life and unlock that potential.

Ignite the critical changes in your life

To ignite change and see it happen, you need a personal development plan and someone who can accompany you though it. But it all starts from the best plan. Its called doing things.
Acting on it.

Learn what you didn't learn at school

School doesn't teach you ! It gives you predefined knowledge that you memorise that may or may not have an application in your path to sucess. Here at Power of action we give you the tools needed to build your own success.

9 weeks Program

You will go through 9 interactive workshops around reprogramming your belief system and habits. The sessions will leave your feeling ready for extraordinary things.

Personalized Workshops

At Synapse we choose to limit the participation to these workshops to make sure you receive personal support when you need it.
Join us now!

A Growing Community

Everyone who joins our workshops is obsessed with the idea of becoming better and improving their lives. You will be encouraged to keep going with their support.

How our methodology improved their lives

"I feel honored to work with Alex & get personal coaching & support from him, despite his relatively young age he had reached the level of personal development & professionalism that many people don’t reach even after 20-30 years of work. He is one of the few genuinely empathetic people I know and at the same time extremely goal -oriented and ambitious with the genuine desire to help people. I look forward to our future cooperation & many successful projects ! Thanks so much for everything you have done for me "

Anna Kucherenko

International HR Business Partner TAKEDA

"Power of Action boosted me to move forward as an entrepreneur as well as discovering the person that I am. The group was amazing and we all experienced a powerful transformation together. We're continuously changing and evolving, and now I trust my process."

Laure Dousset


"Power of Action changed my life. When I started the program, my body and spirit were completly overwhelmed by trauma. I felt like I couldn't handle my life anymore, and my body was so tired that I could barely walk. Power of Action put me back on my feet and healed my spirit. It helped rewire my brain and gave me powerful tool to always stay in a positive and constructive mindset. I will be forever grateful !"

Laureline Rochas

Creator of educational programs

"The vision I have of my personal life and my business are transformed. This change in mindset allows me to be more focused to take action and to experience joy in my daily life no matter what challenges I face."

Bastien Compan


"Thank you Alex for Power Of Action, I really loved the group energy and the way we push ourselves, I know now that I can design the life I want and nothing will stop me"

Julie Leroy

Co-Founder & Operating Partner of G-VENTURE

Companies That We helped Transform

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During 9 weeks the next batch of workshop series POA
is starting on the 26th of October at 1pm



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