What is Synapse ?

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.
Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures,
and enable mankind to benefit there from.”

This is what we believe. That is why at synapse you will find
programs to help you become a better version of yourself

A vibrant and growing community

People that are looking for inner transformation.
This transformation will change their lives and society

Start Becoming

Be a motor for change for people around you. A source of inspiration for others.
With a platform that lets you connect with other like-minded people

More than 50 years
of experience

We combine the latest scientific research on emotional intelligence and neuro-sciences with more than 50 years of coaching experience

Why Synapse ?

Failling educational system

The educational system today is failing us in core areas of our lives that are essential to our personal fullfilment

Personal fulfilment

Finding the inner entrepreneur in you, making the right meaningful career choice, developping a healthy lifestyle, mastering emotional intelligence, learning the secrets behind creating lasting wealth

There will always be free content

Synapse will always promote universal participation. That is why Synapse will always have free content for anyone to dive in and start their transformative journey
"Pay it forward". As members of the community become more and more capable they will contribute and assist others

How our methodology improved their lives

"I feel the need to share this with you.
It was one of the top 3 decisions of my life.
I had lost motivation, I was questioning if my business partners were as engaged as I was. We started growing massively and our sales multiplied by 30 in only 3 Months. What We used to sellin 1 month, we now sell in one day. Great tools, amazing process. "
Camilla Sallabery
"A great variety of effective tools are always used properly and with flow and in a very deep way. I feel so much trust for my coach and also more self confidence every week. It was for me the right timing and with long term sustainable clear benefits. I understood what was holding me back and by removing the obstacles found a new freedom and renewed energy to move forward. A real strong booster."
"Great coaching! A lot of learning, best organization ever. It was very helpful for me to get to know myself further and bet on my strengths, while understanding my limits. I was not only helpful professionally but also personally. I feel fulfilled. I cannot recommend it enough, a big thank you Alex! "
Dr Bruno Salomao
Doctor, President of Endoscopy Association of Brazil